Bonus system
for Shoptet

Start an effective bonus system for Shoptet today that will work for you forever.

Věrnostní systém pro e-shopy od Elli.

The perfect customer loyalty and retention solution for Shoptet

Create your own bonus system on Shoptet. Get a unique competitive advantage. Reward loyal customers for their orders, registrations, newsletter subscription and other positive interactions. Thanks to the loyalty system that you will offer to Shoptet e-shop customers, they will surely be happy to come back and buy from you again.

loyalty system for shoptet

Reward your customers on Shoptet

Maximize long-term customer value and average order value with our advanced retention tool for Shoptet.

Customer lifetime value

Get to know your customers better on Shoptet

Do you know the true value of your customers?
Every customer is different. Get to know your customers better. Know their buying preferences and behaviour. Our bonus system for Shoptet provides you with this valuable data as added value.

Bonusový systém Shoptet
shoptet Integration

Easy Shoptet integration

Installing the Ellity bonus system into your Shoptet e-shop couldn’t be easier. The detailed implementation steps are presented on a separate page. Click on the “Installation steps” button below.

Key features of the bonus system for Shoptet

Points for orders and registrations

Customers earn bonus points for orders, registrations, mailings and other promotions.

Customer groups

The bonus system works differently for a defined customer group.

Currencies and expiration of points

You set the bonus points and their expirations separately for each currency.

Categories and brands

Set or exclude selected categories and brands from the bonus system.

Internal view

"It is much more challenging and five times more expensive for us to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer."
Tomas Bata
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conversion rate

Customer satisfaction 97.6%

Listen to satisfied customers.

The Ellity loyalty system has significantly helped Rudolf Jelinek's e-shop to increase customer loyalty. We increased conversion rates by 26% and saw a significant reduction in customer acquisition costs. We are very happy about the results!

ing. Pavel Korec

Za mňa spokojnosť - jednoduchá aplikácia a klienti sa vracajú, aby využili nazbierané body. I was pleasantly surprised by the support - I set it up over the weekend and despite the late hour, I got answers to questions almost instantly. This is how I imagine add-ons work.

Tomáš Ivanov
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